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Functional Fitness Classes

If you haven’t worked out in a while or are new to functional fitness training, we recommend taking Foundations Classes. We will help you to create a schedule that works for you. Choose your dates and times and attack your fitness goals ​with a no-excuses coach dedicated to help you be your BEST!

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InBody 570

The InBody 570 body composition analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, values important for understanding a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness and fitness contexts.

Group Fitness Sessions


Our bootcamp sessions are a great way for you to hang out with your friends and get a high energy, high intensity, full body circuit training workout. You’ll get upper body, lower body, core work… and a little cardio sprinkled in as a bonus! Find out more about our classes by clicking below.


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